Hyrot Oble

TV Drama: 3 seasons of 18 episodes

Psychological scifi-thriller

Investigation of a robotics company’s CEO’s murder unveils the secrets of an unseen worldwide threat as Organic citizens gradually vanish from the Earth to be replaced by Synthetics. The late CEO’s executive assistant Melinda has a much bigger role in Organic humankind’s survival, than she ever wanted, when she realizes that she is the conduit for messages from Humankind’s future.


1. The CEO. 
Who murdered Hyrot Oble’s CEO Erik Hale? Melinda, his former assistant is the first to be accused as she has been the victim of Erik’s sexual harassment. She needs to find the real murderer, or her life is over.
2. The AI.
The company Hyrot Oble has invented robots and synthetic humans, who can replace true biological humans as the labor force.  Erik Hale’s business partner, inventor Mr. Chong is leading the developments and sales from China. An American company buys the Alpha A robot which has the most advanced Artificial Intelligence as they are interested how AI could be used in warfare. A greater power from the future helps Melinda to clearly identify the threats to biological humanity and that they must be stopped before they gain the upper hand. It reveals a 60-year-old socio-economic test and its consequences.
3. The CREATOR. 
Organic citizens have found their strengths in the future society. They realize they are part of the spiritual, organic network or matrix that artificial citizens cannot ever be a part of. However, the peaceful world order is in danger, when the creator of AI and human socio-economical tests wants to kill all most of the organic citizens from earth and leave humanity only in hands of the small elite group.

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